Frequently asked questions

What happens in the first session

If this is your first time experiencing  counselling or therapy, you may feel apprehensive or nervous. If we have spoken on the phone before you come in for your first session, you might feel more at ease. I still remember how anxious I was when I went to therapy for the first time as I had no idea what to expect. We will discuss the therapeutic contract which includes mutual expectations, boundaries, confidentiality and its limits and talk about your reasons for coming to counselling.

How long should I expect to have counselling

It's hard to respond to that query without knowing you and your individual  situation. Some people only need a few sessions and others invest in long term therapy . What I can say is that depending on what you hope to achieve from working together, the level of insight you seek, and of course the challenge you are facing, such as work stress or childhood trauma, the amount of time tends to vary.

What is integrative counselling?

It's a place where you can examine your thoughts and feelings in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.
You'll go on a voyage of self-discovery and heightened self-awareness.  First it’s about awareness, then acceptance and then change. It will help you to make healthier and better choices for yourself. Your therapist will not become too emotionally involved, using their own emotions just to help them understand your feelings and your situation, they have no ulterior motive. They are there for you.