Terms & Conditions

Therapy sessions are usually arranged on the hour or half-hour. Your appointment will be planned at both our mutual convenience. At the end of each therapy session, the day and time for the following appointment can be planned and booked whenever possible.

Given the high demand for session times, I ask for advanced payment of £45 upon booking each appointment. Please arrive on time for your appointments, if you do happen to arrive late, please understand that you will only be given the remaining time for that session.

Cancellation of appointment or changing the agreed time by you

If you wish to cancel or reschedule the time of a booked appointment, I require at least 24 hours written notice prior to the start time of your session. Otherwise, the session will be charged in full.

You can notify me of any change in appointment via email or text.


Cancellation of a session or changing the agreed time by us

Thrive reserve the right to cancel an appointment at short notice. Though this is rare, as much notice as possible will be given. Your session will be re-booked at the next available appointment.

Thrive have the right to refuse service to anybody at any time for any reason. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you become abusive or aggressive before or during the session, we retain the right to terminate that session immediately and that session will be still charged for.